Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Training - When life gets in the way

What Now?

Today was a crazy, crazy day. At the crack ass of dawn my wife left for a work trip. She doesn't travel all that much, but when she does I become Dad and Mom (not to mention I miss her like crazy!).

So, at 6:15 I get out of bed, into the shower and down the stairs to prepare for the day. The girls came down shortly after and the morning ritual was on. Eat, dress, brush (teeth and hair), make lunches, pack backpacks, put the dog away and hit the road for school drop off. After I drop off the kids I drive over to the home office of my new part time job to drop off my time slip. I then head to my office and work both my "full-time" job and part-time job until 3pm. At 3pm I pick-up the girls from school and we head home to do homework and practice piano.

We then head back out the door for my daughter's basketball game at 5pm. After the game my parents wanted to treat us to dinner at the new restaurant in town, but after hearing the wait was going to be an hour we head over to Arby's (god, fast food...my body just can't take that stuff anymore). We get home a little after 7pm and start up the nighttime routine. Bath time, put on jammies, brush (again teeth and hair), read a book and lights off. Whoa, I made it and nobody got hurt!

So, my grand plan was to workout after the kids fall asleep. After a non-stop day, a belly full of fast food, and my training partner out of town my motivation is just not there. It's funny that just a couple of years ago I could justify not working out on a lot less excuses than that, but these days I feel like a total lazy ass if I miss a day of training. I feel heavier, less energetic, moody, and just a little part of me feels disappointed. But, like every other parent trying to keep all their dogs on the leash, I have to remind myself that sometimes life just gets in the way of working out. Sure I could have gotten up with my wife this morning and got it done. I could have left my office early and got it done. I could have sat my kids in front of the TV when we got home from school and got it done. I could get off this computer right now and get it done. But I'm not going to, and that is OK, and I have to remind myself of that.

I am so happy that at this point of my life I get a little disappointed when I don't workout, instead of overjoyed when I do. I am as healthy as I have every been, and doing things I never thought possible. If a day or two goes by without a workout getting down it won't be my downfall, it won't be my end game, it will just be life getting in the way. Until I start drawing a paycheck for my athletic pursuits it will always be that way, and I am OK with that! I do know one thing...I'm getting up early tomorrow to get my run in, and I'm looking forward to that!

Take care and peace out!

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  1. I think my hubby would internally combust if he had to handle the morning kids' routine! Kudos to you.
    I remember that moment when I went from a person who looked for excuses not to work out to one who gets ticked if they can't. Sounds like you're there! : )