Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Resolutions, aka the list of things I never intend to get too.

What Now?

As far as New Year's resolutions go I am great at making them. If you take a look at my resolution lists from the past 10 years you might say to yourself "wow, this dude has his shit together!" I would put up my list next to anybody and feel pretty darn confident that I would put that person to shame, they would forget resolutions all together and go crawl under their bed. My "R" lists rock that much.

It's too damn bad that about 99% of what I put on those lists never get done. What the hell? I talk such a mean game, but at the end of the day, well...not the end of January 1, maybe two or three weeks down the road say...I go back to my old ways, my usual pattern, my comfort zone. I don't know what the problem is. Maybe it's because my lists suffer from too much awesomeness, that I can't possibly live up too them. Or maybe I am just a lazy P.O.S. and never intend to carry through with any of the items I put down on my list. Who knows, but I feel change on the horizon. Can you feel it too?

It started a couple of years back when my wife started her crazy quest to become a triathlete and live a healthier life. I joined her and decided I wanted to finish the STP cycling classic (200 mile ride between Seattle and Portland in two days). I did it that year. Last year I wanted to finish a marathon, knowing full well the longest distance I had ever ran was a 10k, back in my mid-20's. In may I completed the CD'A marathon. Along the way I set weight goals as well, and today I vary between 189 and 195 lbs, the lowest I have maintained since college.

So, today in my basement I was trying to figure out how I can increase the healthy living I enjoy, and it really came down to a couple of eating indulgences I enjoy, often, that I know are not good for me. Beer and sweets. I love beer, and I love anything sweet. So much so that sometimes I can binge on either item without even a thought of what it will do to me later that night or months down the road. So....with that in mind, and with a little insight from my much better half, I give you my first two resolutions for 2010.

1. No beer for the year.
2. Sweets once a week, no more, no less.

I was going to go no sweets for the year as well, but my wife thought that would be too extreme. So once a week I will indulge, if I feel like it. I think if I continue my training and diet plan I already have in place and add these two items I should feel and look even better than I already do.

So, that is it. It's in my post so it must be so. And yes, I know the chances of me keeping to these resolutions is slim given my track record, but...I never thought in a million years I would run a marathon either.

Until I think of another good "R" for 2010....

Peace out!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Say what?

What Now?

The past couple of days have produced some of the funnest quotes my 6-year old has ever said. Two days ago I was in the kitchen and my wife was sitting here at the computer desk. "R" strolled over to the laundry room right when the dryer was finishing a cycle. Next thing you know "R" is yelling to her sister "K, come over here and stick your head in the dryer!" My wife responds quickly with "Do not stick your head in the dryer, nobody can stick their head in the dryer." Without even blinking "R" replies "Can I stick my monkey in the dryer." "Sure, go ahead and stick your monkey in the dryer." says my wife with a chuckle.

Yesterday my wife and I were trying to figure out what to feed the girls for lunch. I was excited to sample some homemade applesauce, a new recipe from my wife...or as you know her, the born again but never was vegetarian. All she is missing are the Burkenstalks, hairy arm pits and the smell of someone who hasn't bathed in a very long time. Anyway, her applesauce is the shit, with chunks of apples and everything. My girls have a different take on it, and when I asked them if they would like to share some of Mom's applesauce with me "R" says no, of course. I ask why not and she responds with "because it has apples in it!" Hard to argue with that.

Peace out dads!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Where the hell have I been?

What Now?

It seems like forever since I last posted, just over 2 weeks, but in the land of bloggers that is forever. The amazing thing is I picked up a few new followers during that dry spell. Maybe the blogging universe is telling me something...stop posting and more people will like it. The truth of the matter is I spent a week in Disneyland with the family and the second we returned home I have been busier than busy. Between my current job picking up, my new part time job, holiday madness, family birthdays, training for my next marathon and general family life this little blog has taken a back seat, way in the back...like nosebleed back.

So, what can I write about today. How about I start with a joke my now 8-year old told me the other day. She had received a book of holiday jokes from her teacher and wanted to try a couple out on me. She is a very good reader, but will occasionally read a little too fast and mix up words.

"K" - Dad, what is a snowman's favorite food?
Me - I don't know..what is it?
"K" - Cold cunts!
"Me" - (after a laugh outburst) Do you mean cold cuts?
"K" - Oh yeah, cold cuts...I don't get it?

What else, well the holiday season is in full swing here. My wife and I have finished the present buying and now just are counting down the days until the kids make like the Tazmanian Devil and tear into them. I struggled a little with what to buy my wife...year after year she wants some new kitchen tool. Come on, that's not helpful. If she wants something that helps her in the kitchen she should just buy it. I suggested maybe some new underwear. That suggestion was met with little enthusiasm.

Oh, we had a fantastic time at Disneyland (I can't believe I almost forgot to report on that). I think the thing both of my girls will remember most is getting a new little friend at the Build-A-Bear Workshop, which is not even in Disneyland for crying out loud...but whatcha gonna do? For me it was taking on the Tower Of Terror ride in California Adventure Park. I have this terrible fear of heights, so this ride was my Everest. Not only did I conquer it, but I actually enjoyed the ride as well.

Well, that's all I have for now. Sorry it took me so long, but better late than never they say. Until we meet again....

Peace out dads!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Going to the happiest place on earth

What Now?

This Sunday the long wait is over. My family will board the plane that takes us to the happiest place on earth...Disneyland. For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis you know of my love for all things Disney. I love their movies, their music, their cable network and most of all their "land". This will be my 6th trip to the magic kingdom and I could not be more excited. I can almost see the eyes rolling in most of your head right now, because I know there are some of you parents who think a trip to Disneyland is equal to a trip to hell. I guess it all depends on your own experience and perspective. For me Disneyland represents so many wonderful things.
First, it takes me back to some of my favorite childhood memories. I remember packing up the car for family road trips with Disneyland as the main attraction. We would make stops along the Oregon and California coast, and then sometimes Phoenix, Las Vegas and Salt Lake on the way back home (there were monster trips with lots of miles, but also lots of fun). There is just something about that place that kids can identify with in the greatest way. It was so magical, so special, so Disney. On my 3rd trip to Mickey's home I went with my wife, her first trip. Lucky for me she fell in love with the Disney magic just like I had several years before. We only spent one day there, but I could tell we would be back. When our first daughter turned 3 we decided she was old enough to enjoy DL. Our youngest was only 1 so she got to spend some quality time with her grandparents, something they both enjoyed a great deal. Taking your child to a place you loved so much when you were younger is so amazing, and at 3 years old it was all so real to her. She went on every ride she was tall enough for, and I swear she talked about it everyday for almost a full year after we returned. Our next trip came when our youngest turned 3, oldest was 5. This was our first full family vacation, and was a treat it was. Our oldest was an old pro now, almost acting as tour guide for the rest of us. We were lucky enough to go with good friends of ours and their kids. We stayed at the park and spent just about every waking moments between DL and California Adventure Park. To this day we look back fondly on that trip and bring out the pictures about once a month to remind us of the fun that was had.
Well, in just a couple of days we return and I have to say I have been so excited I can hardly stand it. Most of my excitement comes from the fact that this will be my first time at DL during the holiday season. Next to Disneyland, Christmas is one of my all time favorite things in the world. The combination of both is almost too good to be true. Oh, there go the eye rolls again. Well, I can understand why you might not appreciate my excitement, but for me there is a special connection I share with my kids when it comes to all things Disney. They will get their parents undivided attention and for at least one week, they will get a Dad who act more like a kid than a adult....and what kid wouldn't love that?

I'll be back after vacation, armed with some great stories I'm sure.

Peace out dads!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!!

What Now?

This time of year is busy for everyone with the holidays in full swing, but it seems like I have been dropped head first into an out of control shit storm and my plunger is broken. Don't get me wrong, I love this time of year, and this busy is a great kind of busy. Besides hanging the stockings from the staircase with care (yea, no fireplace at our house) I also have the following items to attend to: Both girls birthdays, plus my own, new part time job, my other career has started to pick up again after a long, long downturn, family vacation to Disneyland, interviews for a couple of other full time job opportunities, quick trip West as part of new part time job and starting up training for next marathon.

Hell, I actually feel like I don't have the time to come up with clever and wildly entertaining blog posts right now. So, instead you get my personal to-do list for the month. Lucky bastards! What I am hoping for is some new perspective to write about so hopefully all this extra activity will benefit my blog. In the meantime, stick with me until I get a handle on things will ya? Thank, you're the best!

Peace out dads!