Sunday, December 20, 2009

Where the hell have I been?

What Now?

It seems like forever since I last posted, just over 2 weeks, but in the land of bloggers that is forever. The amazing thing is I picked up a few new followers during that dry spell. Maybe the blogging universe is telling me something...stop posting and more people will like it. The truth of the matter is I spent a week in Disneyland with the family and the second we returned home I have been busier than busy. Between my current job picking up, my new part time job, holiday madness, family birthdays, training for my next marathon and general family life this little blog has taken a back seat, way in the nosebleed back.

So, what can I write about today. How about I start with a joke my now 8-year old told me the other day. She had received a book of holiday jokes from her teacher and wanted to try a couple out on me. She is a very good reader, but will occasionally read a little too fast and mix up words.

"K" - Dad, what is a snowman's favorite food?
Me - I don't know..what is it?
"K" - Cold cunts!
"Me" - (after a laugh outburst) Do you mean cold cuts?
"K" - Oh yeah, cold cuts...I don't get it?

What else, well the holiday season is in full swing here. My wife and I have finished the present buying and now just are counting down the days until the kids make like the Tazmanian Devil and tear into them. I struggled a little with what to buy my wife...year after year she wants some new kitchen tool. Come on, that's not helpful. If she wants something that helps her in the kitchen she should just buy it. I suggested maybe some new underwear. That suggestion was met with little enthusiasm.

Oh, we had a fantastic time at Disneyland (I can't believe I almost forgot to report on that). I think the thing both of my girls will remember most is getting a new little friend at the Build-A-Bear Workshop, which is not even in Disneyland for crying out loud...but whatcha gonna do? For me it was taking on the Tower Of Terror ride in California Adventure Park. I have this terrible fear of heights, so this ride was my Everest. Not only did I conquer it, but I actually enjoyed the ride as well.

Well, that's all I have for now. Sorry it took me so long, but better late than never they say. Until we meet again....

Peace out dads!

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  1. I like the original version of the joke your daughter told. Makes sense that Frosty likes things a little well, frosty.