Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Resolutions, aka the list of things I never intend to get too.

What Now?

As far as New Year's resolutions go I am great at making them. If you take a look at my resolution lists from the past 10 years you might say to yourself "wow, this dude has his shit together!" I would put up my list next to anybody and feel pretty darn confident that I would put that person to shame, they would forget resolutions all together and go crawl under their bed. My "R" lists rock that much.

It's too damn bad that about 99% of what I put on those lists never get done. What the hell? I talk such a mean game, but at the end of the day, well...not the end of January 1, maybe two or three weeks down the road say...I go back to my old ways, my usual pattern, my comfort zone. I don't know what the problem is. Maybe it's because my lists suffer from too much awesomeness, that I can't possibly live up too them. Or maybe I am just a lazy P.O.S. and never intend to carry through with any of the items I put down on my list. Who knows, but I feel change on the horizon. Can you feel it too?

It started a couple of years back when my wife started her crazy quest to become a triathlete and live a healthier life. I joined her and decided I wanted to finish the STP cycling classic (200 mile ride between Seattle and Portland in two days). I did it that year. Last year I wanted to finish a marathon, knowing full well the longest distance I had ever ran was a 10k, back in my mid-20's. In may I completed the CD'A marathon. Along the way I set weight goals as well, and today I vary between 189 and 195 lbs, the lowest I have maintained since college.

So, today in my basement I was trying to figure out how I can increase the healthy living I enjoy, and it really came down to a couple of eating indulgences I enjoy, often, that I know are not good for me. Beer and sweets. I love beer, and I love anything sweet. So much so that sometimes I can binge on either item without even a thought of what it will do to me later that night or months down the road. So....with that in mind, and with a little insight from my much better half, I give you my first two resolutions for 2010.

1. No beer for the year.
2. Sweets once a week, no more, no less.

I was going to go no sweets for the year as well, but my wife thought that would be too extreme. So once a week I will indulge, if I feel like it. I think if I continue my training and diet plan I already have in place and add these two items I should feel and look even better than I already do.

So, that is it. It's in my post so it must be so. And yes, I know the chances of me keeping to these resolutions is slim given my track record, but...I never thought in a million years I would run a marathon either.

Until I think of another good "R" for 2010....

Peace out!


  1. You got it backwards, man. It should be no sweets for a year and beer once a week.
    Good luck, fool.

  2. yeah I agree with above..no beer for a year is cruel...but sweets, now they are a killer..!! either way good luck to you ..intentions are half the battle...well, maybe a quarter of the battle..LOL..!!

  3. I agree with Weasel Momma. I could never totally give up my beer no matter how much I need to. Good luck.

  4. Good luck with your intentions! No beer for a year seems pretty extreme, but go for it! I am a sweet eater, too, so the once a week seems like a good goal. Now if I could do that . . . Happy 2010 and let us know how it goes.