Monday, August 10, 2009

Hey Sis, bad news...Mom and Dad are back!

What Now?

My family is sooooo very lucky to be living in the same town as my parents, and I say this very sincerely for those of you sitting out there thinking "oh boy, here come the sarcastic punch line!" But it's true! I know many, many couples who would shutter at the thought of sharing the same home town to habitat in, but for us it is wonderful.

How can this be you ask? Don't they drive you crazy, aren't they always telling you how to raise your kids, don't they say you your house is too small, messy, ugly, close????? How in the hell can you like living that close to them?

Well, my parents just may the the perfect combination of involved, non-judgemental and respectful. This, I must stress, makes their relationship with my wife, our kids and I about as pleasant as one could hope for. Example: My wife and I both had a triathlon race this weekend out of town. We were fully planning on bringing our kids and finding a babysitter to watch them while we swam, bike and ran our asses into the ground. about a month ago my folks asked if they could keep the kids this weekend because my sister was dropping her kids off on her way out of town and they wanted all four of them around to play and have fun. ARE YOU SHITTING ME? Who offers this? What was their real motivation here?

Nothing. That is just the way they are. Not only did they keep all four kids, ages 4-7, for 3 days and nights, but they had a blast with them. The weekend rundown went a little something like this:

Mini Golf
"Hotel For Dogs" on DVD
"Night At The Museum 2" at the theater
Dinner at McDonald's
Stops at the ice cream shop
Rides in Dad's convertible
Trips To The Park
Late nights and early mornings
Enough snacks to keep a small army moving for months

And that was just on Saturday!!! So you can only imagine my girls reaction when they were told my wife and I were back in town. That went over like a fart in church.

I am guessing that most kids don't live this close to their grandparents, and if they do they all don't have the same relationship that my kids share with their Nana and Papa, and for that I feel very fortunate. None of my grandparents are still alive, and I lived about 300 miles away from them when they were alive. Growing up we would see them about twice a year, and I remember how much I loved those trips as a kid. As an adult I saw them less, except for the one year I lived about 30 miles away from my grandmother, one of my favorite years of all time. My kids see my parents about every day and enjoy every second of it.

So thanks Mom and are the world's best grandparents!



  1. How lucky for you, your children and your parents! It sounds like all of you share a special relationship that benefits everyone. How wonderful.

  2. You, my dear sir are very lucky. My hubby has the best in-laws in the world ever though. Then again, they are dead, but that's part of their charm.