Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to reality part 2

So it's almost been a week since our return to Idaho from our wonderful two week vacation in Hawaii and I think I am finally back to reality. Nothing like a big late March snowstorm to wake you up from your vacation dream. Also, it was back to the normal schedule, kids off to school, wife off to work, me back to wondering where to go from here. It was great to be back in our home, with our stuff, and sleeping in our bed. You just can't beat the comforts of home. Plus, the thoughts of having nice weather here and all that goes with it (gardening, playing in the park, laying in the hammock) is enough to get me through this reality check. In my ongoing effort to be more helpful around the house with my "part-time" status still going strong I have asked my wife to create a little Dad's Cookbook for me. Just a few simple dishes that I can manage and take some of the pressure off of her. Once I get a few recipes I'll post them here. Also, I plan to handle more laundry duty, something I helped out with a little before but feel I can take on entirely. I have been feeling very, very good about our situation even with the looming economic problems everyone seems to be facing. We have cut back on a lot, and have a plan in place, and when things get better (and I know they will) we will come out of this thing better than when we went into it. Vacation has a great way of renewing ones spirit, even if you come home to snowstorms.


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