Thursday, March 5, 2009

I don't feel too good daddy

I can really feel for all the single parents out there with no support to rely on. My youngest came down with a nasty case of croup the night before both my wife and parents left town. We are on day 3 and she is still a little sick so I am staying home again with her. While at home I've been driving myself crazy reading about the economy, but also have been catching up on daytime TV....yeah right. There is really nothing to watch during the day, especially on basic cable. I can say I've enjoyed the extra time with my girl, even in her sick state. She is mostly a mommas girl, but while my wife is gone I have been able to step in as the favorite. Tomorrow "B" comes home and I can't wait, but mostly because I just miss her...I think I have this taking care of the sick kid thing down now.


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