Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WND Top Ten - Got a question?

What Now?

Number four on my What Now Dad top ten post list is a personal favorite of mine, and I know most parents can relate. My 5 year old is the question queen, and there is no one who is safe from her and her inquiries. We flew to Hawaii and for all 6 hours we were in the air I don't think she stopped asking questions to take a breath. The best two questions from her to date goes a little something like this (and they both have to do with moose...go figure):

Question #1

R - Daddy, I don't like that moose head in Bruce and Kathleen's house.

Me - I know you don't R.

R - Daddy, if Bruce and Kathleen move they will have to take the moose head in their house with them, right?

Me - Right.

R - Why?

Question #2

R - Daddy, I don't like the moose mascot at the pool.

Me - I know you don't R.

R - He is scary.

Me - I know, but what are you going to do when we go to Disneyland?

R - Why, do they have a moose too?

Questions, Questions.
Am I the only Dad that feels like he fields more questions in one day than Alex Trebek has over his whole career on Jeopardy? My kids, especially my youngest "R", can weave a web of questions that after a while has my head spinning so much that I feel like driving my car straight into the next stop sign. I love how curious they are, and I love being able to answer their questions and fill their heads with information....but there are times I just want to say "please stop asking me questions and let me be!" But then I am reminded that in the not so far away future the questions will be asked less, and less and maybe even stop. That worries me more than anything else. So, what is your next question?



  1. I have a distinct memory of when my dauther's "why?" phase ended. We were at a store and she was talking to (bossing) a younger girl. To everything Josephine said, the girl would answer, "Why?" After about five minutes, completely frustrated, Josephine said, "Stop asking that question!" I never again had to answer an endless stream of "Whys?" . . . Until I became a preschool teacher.

  2. Yes, the questions stop, except maybe, "Why?" Of course they are asking why they can't stay out later, why they can't drive the car, why they can't stay overnight somewhere on a school night, etc., etc., etc. The real heartbreak comes when they go off to college and they are not around to ask questions.
    Your daughter seems to ask very intelligent questions, especially about moose. (Laughing gently here.)