Monday, November 9, 2009

Lame Blogger

What Now?

I think with everything in life sometimes you just don't got it. I really started to find my groove with this blogging thing and then BOOM, nothing last week. I don't know if it was a lack of material, a lack of interest, or just staying busy with other things. Last week I had actual work related stuff I needed to take care of, which was nice for a change. Plus, the local university posted a job that I am really interested in getting so I spent a lot of time working and reworking my resume and cover letter (with the help of my loving wife and many, many others!). We also had a crazy weekend with two, yes two, kids sleepovers. Friday night my wife's sister was in town with her boys and the next night we had some of our girls friends over while their mom went out on the town. Plus there is all the normal day-to-day stuff that will swallow you whole if you let it. My wife and I have determined that a lot of our time is taken up with laundry, cooking and dishes. Just when we get clothes put away we have a basket full again. Between breakfast and dinner we eat off of and clean more dishes than I thought we even owned (thank goodness the school feeds the kids lunch on weekdays, bless you popcorn chicken and yummy cheese sandwiches!).

I know, all very lame excuses but it's the best I got. I think there was also a lack of inspiration and interest on my part. Sometimes I just don't want to write about things. I know this makes my number one fan, my wife, sad. She loves reading my posts just to remember something funny that happened in our family or to get my take on a certain situation. My wife just emailed me with thought on topics I could touch on. She suggested talking about living with a wife trying to go vegetarian...not bad, but I should save that for another time...too good to put in this post!

I think I'm just in a blogger slump. I think all bloggers must go through this, just like areas of life. But I'll pull out, and already I can picture my next post "WIFE TRIES TO FORCE FEED GREEN VEGGIES TO FAMILY AND CUT OUT MEAT....OH THE HUMANITY.

Peace Out Dads!


  1. I go through this periodically. Some how for some reason it all just comes back. patience is a virtue

  2. Love the headline! LOL! Blogger slump. It's only natural. Sometimes taking a step back is the best thing to do. After awhile, it all starts to come back, the words, the inspiration, the interest, the humor, the pathos. Just breathe deeply.
    Good luck on the job!

  3. We all have those times when nothing comes to mind in regards to blogging. I am there right now too, just ride it out. You'll find your groove again.

  4. Right when I started blogging as a dad/husband, I went into a slump. I didn't think I would have five days worth of meaty blogs a week to pull out. So I made themes for each day. I've been able to blog pretty much everyday. I can usually get the mid week blogs done by monday night and just schedule them to pop up on their respective days. It gives me a break for a few days until friday rolls around.

    look forward to whatever you come up with..

  5. In my short 3 months of blogging, I'm already feeling some of your pain. Some weeks I feel like I'm missing out on writing so much with everything going on, and then other weeks it is a struggle. Some of it is a dicipline I think to keep going, other of it needs to just wait until inspiration strikes! Although I can't relate to wife sending ideas. My wife still hasn't quite figured out the logic behind this whole blog thing and sending thoughts out to the world to read...