Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh Lord, how she tests me!

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What Now?

My wife is out of town for work so I am Mr. Mom with my two girls until tomorrow morning. As I have mentioned (in probably every third post) my youngest, sweet 5 year old "R", can be a bit stubborn. This morning her list of complaints and refusals almost sent me over the edge. Here is a quick recap of that list:

6:30am - "K" (her older sister) always gets the warm blanket in the morning.

6:33am - "K" always get to pick her show first to watch.

6:38am - No, I don't want to watch that show (the one she just about always picks).

6:45am - No, I don't want any of that for breakfast (when given five different choices, all of which she likes.

6:55am - I don't want to finish my applesauce, it tastes old (after giving in to that breakfast choice and opening a brand new jar).

6:58am - You gave me too much milk, I can't drink it all.

7:20am - I don't want to wear that shirt.

7:21am - I don't want to wear that shirt either.

7:22am - I don't want to find a shirt...I want you too.

7:32am - You put too much toothpaste on my brush.

7:33am - I don't want to brush my teeth with the sonic care.

7:34am - No, I don't want you to brush my teeth either.

7:45am - I want to wear these shoes to school (after picking out sandals to wear, it's 35 degrees out and raining mind you)

7:55am - I don't like that hat, I don't want to wear it (while trying to get them out the door and to school on time).

8:03am - "K", stop singing, I don't like it (while driving "R" and "K" to school).

8:10am - I don't want to go to the gym and play basketball after school (while I kiss her goodbye, not even remembering we had talked about going to the gym after school last night).

OK, to be fair she is a a little under the weather, and her mom is not home so I will give her a few points for that. But you can imagine my state of mind after I pulled out of the school's parking lot. You know how it's not recommended to go grocery shopping when you are hungry? Well, our local supermarket was having it's 13 hour wine and cheese sale today, and I can safely say it's not recommended to go shopping at a wine sale just after your 5 year old has frustrated you to the point of almost no return. I don't know what I dropped there today, but it's not a good sign when the store employees line up at the door and thank you for shopping there (I think some were even chest bumping and doing the Arsenio arm pump).

Peace out dads!


  1. Sounds like a rough morning. I would have headed staight for the hard liquor. I think you should be commened for onl choosing wine.

  2. Well, wasn't that a heck of a morning! I would have skipped the cheese. How did you not blow a gasket?

  3. oye...that sounds famliar....kudos to you for making it out of that partialy sane :) Gotta love those whiney voices first thing in the morning .... amazing how quickly they can run you down past logic. just wait and imagine 5-10 years from now...ey. Our mornings start off like that around here...I'm not sure what we were thinking having 5.

  4. I can relate. I wrote a similar post on my blog.

  5. Ah, the relief of knowing I am not the only one who lives with this crap.

  6. I have had mornings like that with our 3 year old. The best (and worst) is the one where her milk was too full- classic. Hope your day, and weekend got better.

  7. goog stuff. i can definitely relate to that. hell, i can't go w/in 50 yards of a liquor store most of the time. i've got four kids under 9 and three of them are two years old.

    great post! -jco-

  8. That sounds like a pretty standard morning in our house except there's 3 girls to get ready and oddly the post gave me a mild headache. Beer me!

  9. Are you sure you haven't been at my house? Sounds like a lot of our mornings!