Sunday, January 17, 2010

Changes, they are a coming!


My blog posts have been like a rednecks teeth, few and far between. I think part of it is my new part time gig, that I can do at the office of my barley part time career and still not interrupt my status of a part time stay at home dad (what?). It is really eating up the time I used have for blogging, checking my fantasy football stats, playing bubble shooter, watching YouTube videos and wondering around fac book, something I am done with by the way, but that's a different blog.

Now I work, come home with the kids, train for my next race, spend time with my better half, spend time with some of my favorite media (TV, Movies and Music) and try and keep those damn resolutions I made on New Year's. Where is the time to blog? Well, here is my just a couple of weeks past new year's 5 days a week (who blogs on the weekends, right?). How will I do this when in the past I can go two weeks without a creative post. Simple, give each day of the week a theme and make those themes something I actually have an interest in writing about. Simple enough, right...hmmmmm? Well, it's worth a shot I guess. I'll also be changing up the look and feel of my blog just like you move around furniture to freshen up a room.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend.



  1. looking forward to seeing the themes!

  2. Themes are a great way to break up the monotomy although I don't know how on earth you'll come up with 5 days of them! Interested to see what you come up with. I patented "3 Things Thursday" and you can usually count on a weekend recap that highlights my long run but that's about as themed as I get... man I'm boring.

  3. I go through lulls where I just don't feel like blogging. I resist themes as much as possible because it is not right for me. I hope it works out great for you though. Good luck.