Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Random Thoughts - No subject needed

So I forgot my Wednesday Wisdom post sue me, I was busy, forgot, had better things to do. What do you expect from someone who is used to blogging whenever the mood struck. This trying to post 5 days a week thing is tough, but today is a new day and time for some random thoughts.

What Now?

No real subject today, so let's get real random:

The sun is out today, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel. The last few days have been cloudy, foggy, cold and down right depressing. Just give me a little sunlight and you can bet my mood will be cheery.

Am I the only one sick of hearing about the Olympics and they haven't even started yet? The US Figure Skating Championships were held in Spokane last week, and because I get their television channels I have heard about the damn things for over a year solid. Now you can't watch 3o seconds of any NBC show without them telling you to tune into the Olympics. Enough already..I get it! The Olympics are coming soon, you are going to broadcast 10 million freaking hours of coverage, the only place to see the action is on your station....FRACK! Just get the damn things over with so my brain doesn't implode.

What is the deal with members of congress sitting down and standing up like a Catholic mass during the President's State of the Union address? Is it really necessary? Can't they just clap? And if they insist on standing why do the members of the opposite party just sit there like a pile of monkey shit? For some reason I just can't believe either political party is very interested in working with the other, even if it means making our country better.

I would shoot myself if I was Heidi Montag's father. How messed up can a person be? I feel like shooting myself right now because I actually have an opinion on Heidi "freaking" !Montag!

What does making a boat load of money for their athletic ability do to the brains of professional athletes? Do you really need to bring a gun and point it at a teammate after practice, or take naked photos of yourself and your HUGE friend, and does being the best at your sport give you reason to do whatever it is you feel like, regardless of how it will affect the people closest to you? The bigger question is why do we all still pay our hard earned money and cheer for these losers?

So far this post has been a little negative, so let me end on a positive. After work I am going to the store and buying a 6-pack of my favorite beer. I know what I said at New Years, but damn it I love the taste of beer...and I'm not ashamed to admit that. So, if you feel the same way...grab a cold one and let's have a beer, and to life, and to trying to enjoy each and every second we have of it!

Take care and peace out!


  1. LMAO at the A.D.D. randomness that is this post! Enjoy the brew-ha-ha and have one for me! (I'm in training) :)

  2. Funny! Hopefully you are enjoying a Pipeline Porter and dreaming of the tropics and not thinking about the politicians (or Heidi Montag!)

  3. Cheers...having a beer toast in your name, tonight!

  4. Yes!

    By the time the Olympics starts I'm already sick of it, it is like that with most anything these days.

    Standing up is their way of showing us how divided they are, annoying!

    HM, don't even want to acknowledge her existence until she actually does something worth talking about.

    Sports, not my subject.