Friday, January 29, 2010

Family Friday - The eternal battle

What Now?

This is the story of The Constant Baker vs. The Clean Kitchen Maker;

For as long as I can remember
and even a little before then
There has been a battle in my house
between the two of us, now and again

You see when we got married
We made a deal to ease our stress
She would do the cooking
And I would clean up her mess

For the first several years of marriage
We did our part at each meal
While all the time thinking
"Sucker, I got the best of this deal"

But what we did not notice
What we failed to see
Was the battle that was brewing
Between her and between me

Now I have to admit
That my wife's a great cook
She can whip out any dish
Either from her head or from a book

But with her great cooking
Comes a price to be paid
As I look in our kitchen
To see the terrible mess that was made

But, we had a deal
So I'll go it alone
Straight into the kitchen
Enter the disaster zone

Every plate gets washed
Every surface gets scrubbed
And when I finally finish
I feel like I was just drubbed

But when I am done
I can't help but think
How fucking great it all looks
From the range to the sink

As I sit my ass down
After a job well done
I hear the faint sound
Of her on the run

She is back in the kitchen
And ready to bake
Making a mess again
Oh, for fuck sake!!!

And so it continues
For the clean kitchen maker
This ongoing battle
With his constant baker

Enjoy your weekend everyone...and peace out!

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  1. That is freaking hilarious! I dated a guy with a kitchen that looked just like that...that heavens I did not marry him!