Friday, January 22, 2010

Family Friday - The sleepover party

What Now?
My girls have never really gone to a friend's sleepover party before, at least not a friend that we don't know the parents of very well. So, when both our 6 year old and 8 year old were invited to their school friend's birthday party (also, both 6 and 8 and sharing the same birthday, crazy right?) that included a full day of activities and a sleep over that night you could cut the nervous tension around my wife with a chainsaw. Not only do we not know the parents of these kids, but we have never even formally met in person. There have been emails, but you can hardly judge the parenting skills of a person by that. This might cause some issues at our house.

My wife asked if it would be normal to sleep in the car parked outside of their house? Then she wondered if showing up a the other daily activities for the party unannounced would be OK. For some reason I think my Saturday is going to involve me "talking her down" off that anxious parent ledge all day.

While my wife dreams up scenarios in which our children are in mortal danger, I am thinking about the free time I'll have on a Saturday, something that I have not enjoyed in a very, very long time. The weather is nice enough we could start to clean up the yard and garden areas in preparation for spring. We have a lot of de-cluttering to do around the house as well. Plus there are the training workouts that can be done with no interruption, and of course with an empty house there is always a chance for the adult play date. So many options for a free Saturday, it almost makes my head spin.

I do know that I will be taking my wife out for a nice dinner, again...something we have not done alone in a long time. Maybe if I get enough wine in her it will dull her senses enough to enjoy the peace and quiet. If not, I'll just park our car in front of their house, cover her up with a blanket and walk home.

Have a great weekend everyone. Peace out!


  1. understandable to be a lil nervous bout it all especially at their ages. i don't let my kids spend the night unless i have met and discussed w the parents a bit, but then again, they are tween/teens. it is nice to have relaxing time to yourself. btw, no one home but me & hubs right now :0) yep, girls spending the night at a friend's and stepson off at a friend's house for most of the night lol

  2. Your wife sounds just like me! Ok, mine are older now, but at those ages I was just like that. I read your post to The Mister and he agreed the similiarities were striking(smiling while he said it). There are years unaccounted for where I knew where the kids were at all times, but couldn't tell you what was going around me.

    I hope you had the adult play date, a nice dinner and your wife didn't sleep in a cold car.

  3. Good to see my wife and I are not the only ones who actually want to meet the parents of our kids friends. It always amazed me when other parents dropped their kids off and never even came up to the door to meet us.