Friday, February 13, 2009

Bloody Plasma Valentine

During these tough economic times families are finding new and creative ways to earn a little extra cash. Blogging can actually earn you money so, here is hoping this turns into something. Another way to get a little extra coin is to donate plasma. Here in our little town we have a plasma donation center that pays you cash for your donation. I've only donated blood once in my life and it was not a very good experience, so the thought of donating plasma was not very enticing, that is until I found out what they use it for. It really is incredible how many helpful uses there are for human plasma (check out this link So today I made my 5th donation and in the process have made $170. Not bad for a few hours time sitting around watching TV while a machine does all the work. I decided to take my girls out for Valentines day with my plasma money. Eating out for us has really taken a plunge on our list of priorities and I wanted to do something special for my three valentines. We had a great time and I feel pretty guilt free about spending the money. I recently read an online article saying that most Americans prefer spending money on experiences instead of material object. I could not agree more. Give me a night out with my family over anything I can find in the store!


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