Friday, February 20, 2009

Back to the future

Just a real quick story this Friday before the weekend that strikes me as kind of funny. When I run on my treadmill I like listening to music instead of the TV, but I like having the TV on so I can watch something. This was a great deal when we had ESPN because I could turn on a game and listen to music at the same time, the perfect indoor running environment in my opinion. Well, ESPN was cut out of the budget along with the other 500 channels we were getting, so now I have to be a little creative. My parents had recently uncovered some old VHS tapes of my high school basketball games so I thought it would be fun to watch those while running. I popped in a tape last week and the date on the bottom was February 8, 1989....THAT JUST OVER 2O YEARS AGO ALMOST TO THE DATE....CREEPY. It actually has been fun to watch the games again, but, and my wife will love this...I cheer and boo while watching. I even start giving the me from 20 years ago a hard time when I didn't play well. "B" thinks it's ridicules when I watch highlights from a game I watched the same day (don't all guys do that?), so you can imagine what she will think when she reads this.


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