Friday, February 27, 2009

Out of control wii

My in-laws made their granddaughters holiday season with a wii video game system. Their reasoning was that our family might not be going out as much for entertainment and so we could stay home and fun playing the wii. They were right on the money, and in fact I think, wait...I know my wife and I are enjoying it as much as the kids. It really is a totally interactive video game experience. There is one member of the family that really takes wii playing to the next wife. After the last couple of tennis matches we have had I have threatened to put the video camera on us so we get ourselves in the running for that $10,000 they give away on AFV. She turns playing into a total aerobic activity. Twice I have been the victim of ferocious forehands (one to the butt and one to the back). She just about killed herself slipping on our carpet going for a ball (to her credit she still managed to keep the point alive while falling on your butt during our match). My youngest has managed to smack the TV cabinet because she was a little too close when she swung, and my oldest has smacked into a wall now and again, but my wife is close to either knocking of the family out cold or causing a wii injury to herself that could be very painful. Either way I hope I get it on tape so I could get it in cash...$10,000 that is!


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