Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wigging Out

This new blog of mine is intended to give the reader a small glimpse of my life. All of the absurdities and funny stories and crazy things that happen to me on a daily basis. There is a better than good chance that only I will find these stories funny or entertaining in the least. The only other person that I know will read this blog regularly will by my wife as she is the ying to my yang. Only she really gets my sense of humor and will understand what the heck it is that I am writing about. In fact she was the one who convinced me to start this blog in the first place. With the extra time I now seem to have (remember my job is a little slow right now) she thought it would be a good idea for me to be a little creative and start writing about my daily adventures. Of course for her the idea of doing nothing, even for 10 seconds is very foreign. In my blog description I call my wife "over active" and for good reason. If she had any more going on, or was any busier than she already is then I would have to change the word "over" to the word "hyper", but that might not go over so well at home. This all leads me to a question she asked me the other day that I really didn't know how to answer. You see, when my wife, let's call her F, does have the rare moment that she has nothing to do and nothing on her mind, I believe she creates something so absurd to think about that it really only makes sense to her. So, we are in the bathroom, or she is in the bathroom and I am in the bedroom...details that I can't really remember at this time...and she asks me what I would think if she bought a wig..............silence comes over the room. At first I thought she may be joking and was waiting for the punchline, but I can tell by the look in her eye that this was a serious question and she was looking for a serious answer. One of the main reasons I could not answer right away or with any seriousness is because my wife is a young, beautiful woman with a head of hair that most other women would like to shave off to make a wig for themselves...most women that is except for my wife. In fact it was her hair that first caught my attention back in college. At the time it was long, way long like down to her butt long, and it was curly and a gorgeous red color. I had never considered myself into redheads until I saw her....just stunning. Well, today her hair is shorter and she doesn't aways wear it down, but it's just as curly and still that gorgeous red color. So when she asks me about a wig I think to myself a) what in the h@&# is she talking about and b) oh, that's right...this is F. Before I can even blurt out a smart ass retort she states her reasoning for wanting such a thing. "It would be so convenient for me not to worry about doing my hair all the time" she says..."what a time saver." This makes perfect sense to me now, because one thing I know about my wife is that, while she does look great just about all the time, she puts much more thought into convenience than appearance. I can say this because she does look great without having to put much thought into it, and being the over active person that she is it does make sense for her to find things that make her life easier and more convenient so that she can spend this time she saves on thinking of more absurd ideas like buying a wig in the first place. I don't know where she is on the whole wig idea now, but what I do know is that in my eyes my wife could wear dryer lint on her head and to me she would still be the sexiest thing walking the earth.


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