Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Run Forest Run

There are many things in your life that you can't control. Sometimes those things can drive you crazy and/or effect your life in dramatic ways. The current economic crisis is really effecting my business and at the same time effecting my ability to find another job. This double whammy is driving me crazy and is completely out of my control. At the same time, there are many things we can control in our lives and sometimes it is those things that bring balance and calmness. For me one of those things I can control is my fitness level and exercise routine. Last year I found cycling to be a great way to get in shape. I bought a new road bike, signed up for the Seattle to Portland ride (200 miles in two days), started training and away I went. I could determine when, where and for how long I would ride. It gave me a great sense of control and provided me with a calmness that I needed to handle those parts of my life that I could not control. Right before the holidays I put the bike away and started running. Thanks to a new treadmill purchased with holiday gift money I kept a pretty good training program going and even ran my own half-marathon in January (not the best time to run a long distance outside in Idaho, but it was great and I finished it). I have now set my sights on my first full marathon this Memorial Day weekend. I am training hard and loving it. Most of my life I have been a runner competing on track teams and then running for fitness after my competition days were over. Because of an expanding waistline and sore knees I went away from running for many years. But, I decided that both of those excuses were things I could control, so I started slowly and began to run again. What has been an extra bonus is that my waistline has shrunk (almost back to my running weight in college) and because I am carrying less weight around my knees are not as sore. What a great deal that is. The college track team I ran for had a special one day camp for local elementary school kids so I took my first grade daughter and she had a blast, even said her favorite part was the hurdles (my event back in the day). If I could only pass one thing on to my children it would be a love of fitness, sports and physical activity. To me so many other great things can happen when you are fit and active. And it's something you can always control.


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