Monday, February 16, 2009

Hawaiian Dreaming

Last year our family took an amazing trip to Hawaii. We stayed in Kona on the big island with my wife's family for 10 days of extreme relaxation. It had been over 10 years since my last trip to the Hawaiian islands for our honeymoon. My wife and I took several hundred pictures during the trip and I made a little music video with them so we could always remember the fun we had. This year didn't look good for a family vacation so I decided this cold, dreary winter weekend to pull out the video to live a little of the dream and torture myself at the same time. Shortly after I hit play I had the whole family watching with me, dreaming of going back some day. Then, in a blink my wife was out of the room and on the computer. I didn't think too much of it because she does operate an online business so she likes to check for new orders now and then. When she called my in about 10 minuets later I was starting to she??? What I saw on the computer screen almost made me giggle with joy. The home page for Alaska airlines with itineraries for Hawaii. Had my wife been reading my mine for the past couple of months? In our family she has the tight purse strings, always looking to saving money and never really the one to suggest minute spending. I on the other hand am a bit more impulsive when it comes to money and spending. But, with the tougher times we have really had to watch where and what we spend our money. It took very little convincing before we were looking at all the options. before long with some serious research, a lot of airline miles and a companion ticket we were booked, leaving in just over three weeks for a 14 day trip back to Kona. HECK TO THE YEAH!!! I consider myself a pretty easy going laid back kinda guy, but I am just about to jump out of my skin thinking about it. And the best part it really is going to be inexpensive for us to go. I am all about experiences over material items so the thought of putting a little extra money towards this trip makes total sense to me. Look for my next few posts for the next three weeks to be flavored with a little Hawaii talk.


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