Thursday, February 26, 2009

Be careful what you say

There was a time in our lives that my wife and I could talk about anything in our house with no worries. When our daughters starting getting to the age that they could understand what we were saying we went to talking more softly or speaking in code. I feel that those are no longer good options for us since our girls started repeating our conversations or asking questions about them. Case in point, shortly after we attended one of our teenage nieces cheer leading competitions (yes, I know...what can I say. I am outvoted on most of these things) my wife made the comment that I am sure she never thought would be overheard, and never repeated. That is until a family function a few weeks back when the mother of our cheer leading niece mentioned another competition was coming up, but since our oldest daughter explained to her that night that her mother (my wife) would "rather stick forks in her eyes then attend another cheer leading competition" we probably were not interested.



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