Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our favorite kids songs, vol. 3


Here is the third, and final, volume of kids songs our family grooves too. I can admit that some of these songs get played enough that I find myself wishing for slow death before I hear them again, but all in all these songs are great for the whole family in limited play. Of course the kids can play the same song over and over and over......then come downstairs and ask to sing it to me, over and over and over. Gotta love 'em. Here we go:

11. Peanut Butter Polka - The Jimmies

How many ways do you like your peanut butter sandwich, not including with jelly? This song pay tribute to all the different ways kids like their PB. I recall really liking it with mustard myself. To be in the song I would need a name that rhymed with mustard...I don't like the prospects.

12. Banana Smoothie - The Naked Brothers Band

Great little ditty by a band that might be following the footsteps of the Jonas Brothers if they aren't careful. Kind of a Hawaiian island theme going on here with directions on how to make the perfect tropical treat. My girls and I have developed a dance that would look great in a music video, just in case you are reading Naked Brothers.

13. Love, Lovely Family - The Roots

Another main stream group with a big kids hit. I don't know if this song was meant for the younger crowd, but it gets a lot of play on Sirius/XM Kids Stuff and both my kids and I sing this from start to finish. This adds a little hip hop/reggae to the mix and is sure to please the mellow music lovers of the group.

14. El Quacko - Zev

Like Catboy this song has a little old country style to it. This is another nonsense song that kids pick up pretty quick. Think Rawhide meets the Wiggles, but much cooler than the Wiggles. And can you beat a cowboy duck named El Quacko? I didn't think so.

15. Billy Joe Mcguffrey - Veggie Tales

The tale of the most injury prone child on earth. Very funny lyrics that go pretty fast for kids, but you'll get a kick out of them. There are several versions of this song available, but I went with Veggie Tales because I like the voices the best.

Well, that's it. All 15 songs recommended by whatnowdad and his two little angels. I encourage your responses to my list and any others I may have missed. We are always looking for good music to get our groove too. Life without music is pretty dull, and quiet!


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