Monday, July 27, 2009

What a weekend!


OK, I promised some stories after my 20 year high school reunion on my next post so I am here to deliver, but instead of hashing out some general details I thought I would tell the best story, or at least the one that brought my wife and I to tears when it was told by another classmate. Now, because you don't know any of the people involved you may not think it is as funny, but I am guessing everyone has friends or acquaintances that are like this and have seen something like this first hand so you can appreciate it. So, please sit back and enjoy:


Starring - Dennis, one of the very few single classmates I have left. Dennis still likes to party like it's 1989, and was very, very thirsty on Friday night, if you catch my meaning.

Witnessed and Told By - Marty, one of my classmates that still lives here in town. He is great and telling old stories, even ones that happen just the night before.

The Scene - Downtown at about 2pm. All the bars have closed and only a few hungry souls are searching for munchies.

Marty, after a very long night of watching his wife, also a classmate of this 20 year reunion, drink herself silly, stops by the local deli so she can satisfy her drunk munchies desire. While waiting in the car Marty notices Dennis walking up the sidewalk. Dennis is all alone and not keeping his balance all that well. As Dennis approached the car Marty yelled out the window "Dennis, how are you doing man?" Dennis stumbled over to the car "Marty, you son biiitchhhhhh, what the hell are yooouuuuu doin'?" "Just waiting for Michelle to grab a sandwich...hey, if you are headed that way could you poke your head in and see how close she is to getting some food for me?" "I am on that dude, noooo worries!"

Dennis starts to make his way down the sidewalk toward the deli and Marty can't help but notice the zig-zap pattern he is taking. Clearly Dennis has had a few. Then, out of the clear blue sky Dennis stops, looks up at the sky and belts out, to nobody in particular a big old "Booooooyahhhhh!" Marty looks around to see who the hell Dennis is talking to and there is nobody around. Dennis takes a few more steps then again he belts out "BOOOOOOOOOOYAHHHHHHHHH!!"

Marty is now a little concerned but watches Dennis carry on and continue his brown bottle shuffle. Just a few yards from the deli a couple approach Dennis. As they pass by Dennis stops, looks there way and yells out "Heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy!" The could then begins to speed walk in the other direction clearly spooked by our friend Dennis. Marty can tell this is going to be a great story for everyone the next day, especially Dennis who clearly won't remember it.

Marty now looks at Dennis looking for the signal on how close his wife is to getting her late night munchies so he can get his ass home and to bed. Marty looks like he is picking up a little speed as he blows right by the deli and around the corner without even the attempt to look in. Just a few seconds after ducking out of sight Marty hear another, but fainter "Booooooyahhhhhh." Good night and good luck to the walking lush!

I still laugh out loud when I think of this story, good shit! In closing all I can say is I had a great time catching up with old friends and rehashing old war stories. I had a lot of responses in my last post by people that went to their reunions and loved them, as well as a few who skipped theirs because they didn't enjoy their high school years or didn't want to see those people again for one reason or another. All I can say is if you have the means and the time to go you should. By the time you get to our age all the drama is over and you can just chill out, have a beer and spend a little time with folks that shared the same experiences as you 20 plus years ago.

Also, if you have a knock-out for a spouse or significant other that always helps your stock. I should know since my wife was the best looking girl in the room! I love ya B, thanks for hanging with me all weekend!


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