Monday, July 13, 2009 stories???


7 1/2 hours in the car, several potty stops, one lunch stop, one stop to see Multnomah Falls (Dad, we've never seen waterfalls before) and no great road trip stories. How can this be? The girls were great, the wife was happy, and I have nothing to complain and/or laugh out loud about. I mean, besides gale force winds that nearly took me into the river two dozen times the trip was fast and easy.

Maybe kids are just adapting better to long road trips in the car better than in my day. In my day we would only be 15 miles out of town before we started asking if we were there yet. It was only 30 miles outside of town before my parents had to separate us before we killed each other. and it was every 15 miles on the 15 miles that they would threaten us with turning around and going home. We complained about being too hot, being too cold, needing the windows down for fresh air, needing them up because it was too windy. Turn the music up, turn it down. How my parents made those trips, and continued to make them each and every summer is so beyond me. I think the best description of me and my siblings on a road trip is how Gremlins get when you put water on them....except with crazier eyes and smaller ears.

Now, I could have done without the 10 million questions we got from "R" (as you know she asks more questions, well....someone who asks a ton of questions. And our special road trip lunch was at Denny's (I still feel like Satan's spawn is slowly chewing his way out of my stomach lining). But, all in all the trip was a great success. We roll into our sweet hotel, enjoyed the complimentary dinner and Fat Tire beer, jumped in the hot tub for a soak, put the kids to bed and am now enjoying a little wine with the wife watching Two And A Half can life get any better (OK, so having a separate room for the kids next door with walls thick enough to keep a heard of elephants quiet so the adults can "play" would be great, but...the wine tastes pretty good so, eh?).

Maybe tomorrow the real road trip fireworks will start...we do have plans for the zoo, kids museum and science center. They can't stay this perfect...can they?

Until tomorrow,



  1. Hey!! Two weeks ago WE were at Multnomah! Did you climb to the top???

  2. You are brave to take a cross country Griswold family vacation. Glad it is going so well for you.