Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Double happiness

Like most weekends for our family this past one was very busy. Not so much with planned activities but more with just general living. One of the reasons it was busy was we finally have nice weather here so instead of having a few things to do inside we have a lot of options for outside activities. One of the possible activities my daughters were interested in was riding their bikes, presents from their grandparents and only sparingly used since the holidays. One thing lead to another and by the time we thought about it we had run out of daylight on Sunday. To try to bring calm and peace back to my house I told the girls they could ride their bikes after school on Monday. The weather was perfect again and I was looking forward to sitting in the sun at our local park watching my girls ride circles on the path. My youngest daughter has a big wheel and a bike with training wheels. It was important to her that both come with us. The park is only 3-4 blocks away, but with two small children and three bikes it takes more effort and time to get there than usual. So we set off, ready for the adventures of biking for the first time this spring season. The girls were excited, as was I, not knowing what eventually would happen to us. My oldest wasted little time getting her new bike and riding the path which circles a very marshy pond. She just learned to ride without training wheels last summer but has good enough control that I don't have to worry too much about her. My youngest wanted to ride her bike with training wheels so I followed her around the path for safety. We made our first lap while my oldest was on lap 3 or 4 and gaining speed with every pass. My youngest stopped and needed a little push so I which I gave her and then looked back up to scan for my oldest. Just then I hear a crash then cry. Somehow "R", the youngest, has crashed. I don't even thing she was really moving, but there she was on the ground, bike knocked over, and her elbow bleeding pretty good. My girls do not like bleeding, and the mere sight of their own blood makes their pain increase 10 fold. So I quickly attend to her, telling her it will be alright knowing her day of biking was over. While trying to calm her down I look up for "K", the oldest only to catch the sight of her getting thrown from her bike about 50 yards away. I can tell she landing in the grass, and it didn't look too bad, so I calmly yell to make sure she is alright. She answers without the hint of injury so I think things are OK, but then the crying starts, must be blood. I pick up "R" who is almost calm and race over to "K" to see her in hysterics because her crash caused the peddle of her bike to leave a Wolverine type gash on the her inside thigh. Oh great......the sight of this gets "R" to start crying again and all I can think of is trying to get my two injured kids and their three bikes back home, which is 3-4 blocks away and slow going without two bleeders in tow. The second thought I have is thank god I decided to leave the dog at home for this trip (although that would have just added to the story I am sure). We all made it and after several band aids, some PBS show and a little snack things were back to normal. Can't wait for the next biking trip now!!!


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