Monday, April 6, 2009

O.K., you are right again.

So it's no surprise that my wife is right about 95% of the time. The surprise is that I fail to give her the proper credit she deserves. I bring this up because today I was watching my gal "O" (I have now watched Oprah enough as a part-time-stay-at-home dad that I can call her "O") and the subject was motherhood, stay at home moms, etc. This is a subject I can relate to at the moment so I paid a little more attention than I normally do. Part of the show featured a mom named Heather B. Armstrong who started a blog back in 2001 about motherhood and other parts of her life adventures (the website is I thought, hmmmmm, maybe I should really pay attention now, so I turned it up just in time to hear that Heather currently makes around $40k a month from this blog, excuse me. Did you say $40k a month?!? Her husband quit his job and her blog is now the sole income for their family. WOW!!! You must be shitting me (old school term...only used for special occasions). This is what my lovely better half told me when she gave me her "start a blog" pitch. What did I say to her pitch...sure, whatever. I mean, 40k a month. Even a quarter of that would make life real nice for our family. So what does this mean for me, well first of all you might be seeing a whole lot more blogging coming from the part-time-stay-at-home dad in the future. Second, I again have to give it up to my wife. She is one of my loyal readers (maybe the only one right now) so I know she will get a big kick out of this. Third...that was $40,000 a month right???


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