Thursday, April 30, 2009

Getting to the BOTTOM of it all

I think it is so funny how obsessed little kids are with the human private parts. Maybe it's the terminology, maybe it's that you aren't supposed to talk about it, maybe it's just that those are the parts that are covered all the time. Last night in the car my oldest daughter, "K", told my youngest, "R", that she got hit in the "nuts" while at the soccer game. "R" asked what nuts are, and "K" responded, "it's your bottom (you see in our house there is the back bottom and the front bottom...very technical). "R" replies "oh, do you mean your undercarriage?", a term they have heard the cousins use when describing these body parts - hats off to Austin Powers. I have to always make sure that "R" is no where near the shower when I exit, or I'll get a stare down like the guys in their "Balls Out Jeans!" "R" made the comment to my wife the other day that "Daddy's bottom hangs down"...classic! This is just a fraction of the entertainment value of having kids....god love 'em!



  1. LOVE the photo.

    just an FYI, it's actually been proven that if kids know the technical term for "down there", sexual predators are more likely to leave them alone because those kids are obviously more aware of what's supposed to happen there and what's not. Thought you might find that interesting.

  2. That's hysterical. We do the 'bottom' phrasing too.