Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daddy needs sleep!


I will go on record right now and say that sleep is my number 1b thing to do in bed. Number 1a is of course sex, duh....but sleep is so close that I can't even say it's number 2. I love sleep. I have been a great sleeper since early childhood, from the stories I hear. As a teen I could sleep until 1pm during the summer time and not think twice about it. My senior year in high school a small earthquake hit about 300 miles away from our home town and I slept right though it. I sleep hard, and thus don't need as many hours during the night to get some really good rest. I have already chronicled, in great detail, the routine my wife must go through every night just to get to sleep and stay that way. For me, there is no routine needed. I hit the sheets, close my eyes, and in a few short minuets I am off to dreamland. There was nothing that could really disturb my peaceful slumber until something came along about 7 1/2 years From the day my oldest was born until last night I can't go more than a couple of nights in a row without getting woken up by one of my lovely, darling children. They are both guilty but have gone about their crimes in completely different ways. My oldest slept in our bed from about birth until about 2ish. I'll give you all one guess as to who thought that was a good idea. After that she has pretty much stayed in her bed and is showing the signs of having my sleeping genes. We started things much different with my youngest. She stayed in her crib/bed pretty well until she reached about 3ish, then decided that our bed was way better than hers. She would make 1-2 late night trips to our room and want to get into bed with us. It didn't take her long to figure out that her request would most likely be granted by Mom who was too tired to argue. I wouldn't find out she was snuggled up between us until her foot found it's way into my back. Then I would wake up, carry her to her bed, and then get back to bed. Again, it does not take long for me to find my way back to sleeping, but I still don't like the interruption. This winter I thought we had her trained to stay in her bed the whole night. Instead of the usual nightly trip(s) it was just once a week, or once every 10 days. Then we take a trip and share a condo with my in-laws, meaning we all share a room. My oldest crashed on the couch while my youngest had her dreams come true and share the bed with my wife and I, every night, all night...for 10 straight days. Ever since we got back she is back to the nightly visits. She will take the occasional night off, which my wife and I call the GOOD NIGHTS, but for the most part she is there, waking me up. The other major problem is she keeps getting bigger, meaning I have to carry more and the chance of a slipped disk or twisted ankle increases with every late night trip. Last night was a two tripper plus a "daddy, can you come in the bathroom with me while I go potty" night. Needless to say I am sipping on the 64 ounce coffee mug while I write this post, googling what the long term affects are from giving your child cough medicine every night, whether they have a cough or not. Well, only 15 more hours until I get to sleep again, unless my wife wants to get some...she is always bugging me for it. She must know it has 1a status or something.


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