Monday, June 8, 2009

More random Monday thoughts


I really have no central theme for my post today, but I do have many very random they are:

a) Last fall we had a bit of a mouse invasion...6 little buggers to be more precise. After spending a small fortune on traps and several hours of deep cleaning we took care of the problem, we thought. I did keep some traps in our mechanical room just in case. This is a room my kids are not supposed to go in, so when my oldest told me she went into the room my moment of unhappiness with her only lasted until she told me we caught another mouse....SON OF A BITCH!!!

b) After almost a week with this mouth torture device (also known as braces) on I am almost comfortable with it. Too bad a good friend of ours told me I look 14 with them on. Just bring on the acne and bad teenage mustache and I am back in 1984.

c) After spending a few minutes cleaning up in the basement, also known as the kids tornado zone, my oldest raced upstairs saying that she had to go to her room. I asked her why and she said she was in big trouble. I asked why she was in trouble and she replied "because I lost your mullet wig!" That is a sentence I never thought I would hear from a 7 year-old.

d) Every so often my dog lets loose a cough that sounds like an alien hatching from the chest of a human host...I'm just saying.

e) My blog may take some time off from Wednesday to Sunday of this week. I am taking my wife to Boise, Idaho so she can compete in the Ironman 70.3 triathlon. That's right, my wife is a bad ass. She is going to rip up that race during the day and have some beers to celebrate that night. God I love that woman.


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  1. You have a mullet wig and an ironman triathalete wife. Your home sounds very interesting.