Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Love the break, miss the kids


My wife and I were able to take a mini-vacation this past weekend sans kids. (and for those of you who read my last post you know we were in Boise, Idaho for the Ironman 70.3 triathlon...and yes, my wife finished it! Yeah for her!!!). They stayed with my folks and we got some very nice alone adult time. It had been a long time since we were able to get away like this. You can tell the second you start the drive that things are different.....silence. No questions, no fighting, no whining. It's like you have died and gone to road trip heaven. "B" and I were able to talk again, and not about who did what on the playground, or what new toy has to be bought now but about grown up items and grown up issues. We could curse again...man do I miss cursing when you just really need to use those words to describe something or express how you really feel. Oh, and there was no spelling of controversial topics or people we know..."did you hear that J-O-D-I took P-A-M to the doctor again...can you believe how she treats her C-H-I-L-D?" When I had to pull over I said "I gotta pee" instead of "I gotta use the potty." Our stay was just as nice. We ate when we wanted, we went to bed when we wanted and...best of all we slept in until we wanted. We were on our schedule and not at the mercy of people 30 years younger and a third our size. Friend of ours that made the trip as well did bring there kids...and guess how much we saw them??? Hardly at all, because we didn't want to be reminded of how the weekend could have been. We were free, we were alive...if you threw in some heavy drinking and "when ever we wanted" sex it would have been like when we were first married (my wife was there for a grueling athletic event, or those things might have happened ;). Then Sunday came. We packed our bags, checked out of our hotel, grabbed a bite to eat and hit the road. It was back to reality for us and good-bye to our past lives. Hmmmmmmm. It wasn't more than a couple miles down the road when my wife looked at me and said "I miss the kids." I kept my eyes on the road and replied "me too."


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  1. It's the parent curse. e miss the smiles and personalities, but we don't miss the pestering amount of work involved.