Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The many faces of Michael Jackson


The title of my post is not a crack on the "alleged" plastic surgery that Michael Jackson may or may not have had (wink wink). Instead, I wanted to use this time to give my take about the man, the artist and the different stages he went through during his very public life. I have a lot of different thoughts so I will do so in a list format:

1. The very first cassette tape I ever owned was "Thriller"
2. To this day I believe it is one of the best albums of all time
3. I would be glued to MTV every time one of MJ's videos came on
4. The music video for the song "Thriller" scared my younger siblings, but I thought it was awesome.
5. I didn't even know about the Jackson 5 until after the release of "Thriller"
6. I dubbed "Bad" from a friend
7. As I grew older my musical taste changed and I didn't own any other MJ albums
8. However I did still enjoy his music and videos...especially "Black and White" with Norm from "Cheers" in it.
9. When the news stories about MJ started to get more attention then his music I wrote it off as just another celebrity going off the deep end.
10. When allegations of alleged child abuse surfaced I thought either he has really gone off the deep end, or someone is looking to get paid.
11. When even more allegations of child abuse surface I thought he was probably guilty, and if he was he had enough money to never go to jail
12. I think I was right on that one
13. I thought it was sad what was happening to his appearance, both with the surgeries and the disease that was bleaching his skin
14. And yes, I do believe it was a disease...I don't think it's possible to bleach your skin on purpose, but I'm no doctor
15. I thought the marriage to the daughter of Elvis was just a publicity stunt
16. I think I was right again
17. I don't think it worked
18. I didn't think it was a good idea for MJ to father any children, given the messed up childhood he probably had and the alleged child abuse
19. I know I was right about that
20. After his death last week I was sad for his family, after all, no matter what you may of thought of him he was someones father, brother and son
21. I have no idea what the truth is about his personal life, and to be honest I really don't care.
22. I still love his music, and just downloaded "Off The Wall"
23. This is the first time I have ever owned this CD, and I think I like it better than "Thriller"
24. I do think he is one of the best artists the world will ever see
25. And also one of the most troubled



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