Monday, June 1, 2009

But just how paranoid are you?

What Now?

The summer of fun starts in just two days for me and the girls and I think we have a schedule in place. Instead of paying crazy high daycare fees and not getting to see them nearly as much (like we have done the past several summers while I was not enjoying my part-time-stay-at-home status) we have a sweet deal with one of our better couple friends that have girls the same age as ours. We are going to split days watching all four. From an outsiders view point it might see like more work to watch four kids for half a day then it would be to watch two the whole day. Well, not only are these girls best of friends, they also play extremely well together. When we have the other girls over to play it could be hours before I hear my name being yelled from two floors away for help. On paper it looks like the perfect plan for the perfect summer of fun. There is one small hitch that my wife and I must get over...just how paranoid is the other couple when it comes to watching all the girls. Will they lock all doors of their home and set the home alarm to maximum volume? Will they tie each girl together with bungee cords when they do leave the house? Will they go the extra mile and use industrial strength duct tape when just buckling them in for cars rides won't be enough? Am I going a bit overboard, because you see these all seem like reasonable options at our house. ALL ABOARD THE CRAZY TRAIN!!! I am sure they will do great with our kids, especially after the 2-hour seminar we have planned for them tomorrow.


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  1. Sounds like a plan. Good luck with that seminar! (and thanks for the laugh!)