Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Going old school

And by "old school" I mean having to walk my kids to school like they did before cars, because my car is dead right now. Yesterday I had finally decided to clean my car was disgusting. I don't know when I reached the point where having a dirty car was OK for me. I think it was one of those things that happen to adults when they have kids. That goes for the house too. It is just damn near impossible to keep things picked up and clean with kids, unless a) you are a "full-time" stay at home parent or b) you have a cleaning person come every single day or c) your kids don't make messes. I know option "c" will never happen, and unless we hit the lottery option "b" is out too. I'm not quite ready for option "a", so there you have it. I my car was a sty, so yesterday I clean the hell out of it....garbage picked up and thrown away...vacuum every little corner....wipe off all the hard surfaces...that bitch was clean. No longer can my wife call it the little green garbage can (I do drive a green mini-van, but that is a story for another day). Well, somewhere during my car cleaning frenzy I manage to hit a few buttons and my radio goes off (I did have it on while cleaning, somehow listening to 80's hair bands makes the job easier). I try starting it and nothing...dead as a freaking doorknob. This morning I jumped it and it started up no problem, that is until my wife leaves for work and I get the kids all strapped in and try to start it again.....nothing. You can almost see me mouthing the words "son of a bitch" can't you??? So, wife is gone, kids are are ready and car is dead. "Hey kids, how about we walk to school today?" They love the idea, and because we live in such a small town it really does not take us that long, oh, did I mention it was also cold and raining. Yeah, even better. So, I sit here in my office (walked here too) and write this, waiting for my very nice better half to come and rescue me. So, what is the lesson I learned today...fuck cleaning my car again and just deal with the little green garbage can as long as it runs.


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