Monday, May 18, 2009

It's the final countdown

Can you just see the big hair flowing, the spandex shinning, the sound of Europe rocking your speakers. What a great song that is, and so very relevant for me right now. The final countdown is on for me. On this Sunday I will run my first ever marathon. This is something I have been training for since the fall, something I would have never, ever thought possible until recently, and something I can so very excited about. I have been lucky enough in my life to have done a lot of fun things, but this will be the hardest/most rewarding thing I will do as an individual to this point in my life. And, I think the example I am setting for my children will have a lasting impact in their lives as well.

I'll be sure to blog all about it next week after it's all said and done...hopefully I'll be physically able to type it then.



  1. This is an incredible have a right to be very proud of your determination and hard work!!!! I have no doubt you will be fantastic on Sunday!!

  2. Are you gonna have a nice mix of 80s hair metal on your iPod as you run? God, I hope so.

    Best of luck!

    I came over after seeing your post on the DadBlog forum. Keep up the great writing . . .