Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday thoughts

It's Monday and I don't have one central idea for my post today so I thought I'd just jot down some random thoughts I have....enjoy.

1. There are few things I enjoy more than warm, sunny days and working in the yard with my family. There is something so therapeutic about's better than a day at the spa in my opinion.

2. Two birthday parties in one day is just about one to many for any kid to attend. Besides having to rework your entire schedule to make things go smoothly, you inevitably have to deal with an exhausted kid who will break down at the smallest thing.

3. Making breakfast is something even the most culinary challenge father can do. I was able to multitask a grand meal on Sunday morning that not only was filling, but I think tasted pretty darn good too.

4. Justin Timberlake is very talented. I almost feel guilty saying that, as a 38 year old male...but you gotta give this guy some props. He hosted SNL this past weekend, for the 3rd time, and he hit it out of the park again. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I may have a small man crush on him...what, forget that part...just keep reading and pretend you didn't read that part.

5. I think my girls and I gave my wife a perfect Mother's Day. She does more for me and our family than I could possibly list and deserves so much in return. I hope she knows how much the girls and I appreciate her.

Enjoy your Monday everyone.


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