Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tiny little destructive minds

Today after I picked the girls up from school we stopped by a local construction site to check it out. After pulling up I noticed a friend of mine, the contractor of the job, was there so he gave us a first class tour of the project and gave us all sorts of great information. What an amazing opportunity for my girls to see something like this up close, to be able to talk to the person in charge of it and ask him questions (and maybe stop asking me questions for like 5 minuets). So, what does my 7 year old ask when given this golden opportunity..."what would happen if that crane fell over?" What??? Of all the questions she could ask she comes up with a questions like that. My 5 year old follows up with "what if one of the guys working up there fell off?" Come on, where are they getting this stuff. I know there is way too much violence on TV, but not the shows they are watching. Is Elmo falling to his death in Sesame Street? Did Bob the Builder get run over by one of his machine friends? Did Dora's map take her over a cliff? After a little chuckle my friend just said those would be bad things, but probably wouldn't happen. Then the seven year old comes back with "but what if it did?" For some reason I picture the movie playing in their head is not rated "G" and features buildings collapsing and people crashing to the ground. I, of course, try to steer them back in a kid friendly direction when I hear, and they see, one of the workers drop a piece of plywood about 100 feet with a very destructive crash at the end. I'm thinking "come on buddy, how about a little help here?" The seven year old didn't miss a beat and asked "what if we were under that?"


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  1. Kids are hilarious. Now you must teach them about OSHA.